Weekly Cleaning

  • One visit per week, year round

  • Pool tile, walls, steps, and any baja steps brushed each visit

  • Netting of debris

  • Chemical check each visit and necessary chemical addition

  • Pressure gauge checked each visit

  • Pool bottom vacuumed as needed

  • Skimmer baskets cleaned each visit

  • Pump baskets cleaned each visit

  • Pool cleaner vacuums inspected for proper function

  • Salt cells checked and cleaned as needed

  • O-rings lubricated as needed

  • In-line baskets cleaned as needed

  • Time clock adjustments made as needed

  • Dogs pet

  • Gates closed and/or locked when service is complete

Chemical Services

  • One visit each week, year round

  • Maintain proper chemical balance and sanitation

  • Replenish all chemicals as needed

  • Clean all skimmer and pump baskets

  • Inspect pump and equipment for trouble-free operation

Additional Services

  • Acid Washes

  • Algae Removal Treatment

  • Drain and Clean (Recommended every 3 years)

  • One Time Clean Up

  • Equipment Install and Repair

  • Filter Cleanings (Recommended 2x a year)

  • Salt Water Maintenance